As a small or medium business, an online presence is no longer critical, it is mandatory. New research from Harvard suggests the way we need to market online has shifted. 

With the volume of traffic, shortening attention spans of our customers – business owners and marketers need to begin thinking about how to be relevant to their target market.

The expectation of having a repeat sale and brand loyalty is dissolving due to the cluttered soup and a digital plethora of content.

Traditional methods of retaining customers such as rebates, discounts and rewards are becoming obsolete due to this evolving digital marketplace. According to recent consumer research from Kantar Retail, 71% of consumers now claim that loyalty incentive programs don’t make them loyal at all. 

With so many options on the market and variants of price and quality – these traditional retention strategies are waning in effectiveness.

Alternatively, we are seeing consumers purchase based on relevance and needs at the time of purchase. The questions that SMEs now are faced with are - how do I reach international markets and how do I become relevant to them? Driving your SEO with targeted content is one part of this puzzle. What are my customers’ needs, what motivates them? Taking a deep dive into tools such as the Customer Avatar Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas are good places to start. From there, tailoring content into bite-sized intervals of usefulness and opinion will help you cut through the white noise of this digital era.

We are running a Digital Marketing Masterclass to help you drive targeted content and to build community. We are also offering Masterclasses in Sales Strategy and Digital Adverts. These Masterclasses are focused on helping SME owners and manager alike to get up to speed and implement these strategies into their own business. This workshop defines what we call applied business learning. By running small, high levelled workshops that have a very practical and interactive focus; real outcomes can be met. Want to know more? Visit our Events page for upcoming workshops.

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