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Into new markets

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Expand your business into new markets by surrounding yourself with a team of experts.

You only pay $150 p/h

Program value $Partly Subsidised

Partly subsidised by the NSW Government's Business Connect program.

All Locations

How It Works

Your business is seeing traction and you're ready for serious growth. Surround yourself with experts who have experience in finance, law, international markets, raising capital and more. We have an extensive network of Advisors and Mentors we work with to make sure you get sound and robust advice as guidance. This program is available across all of our locations and is custom built to suit your needs and to maximise your growth potential.

How It Works

We tailor our programs to meet your requirements and to support your goals. During the couse of this program you'll be supplied with:

  • Innovation Design Processes and Tools

    Unlock our Innovation toolbox enabling you to think and act innovatively in your business.

  • Tailored Program

    Based on your challenges we build a program of support for you to achieve your business needs. 


You will be paired with one of our expert Advisors to help you improve your business. Our Advisors are qualified and experienced in running their own business. Meet our Advisors.

Michael Hilsden FAIM, FACS.
Michael Hilsden FAIM, FACS. Senior Business Advisor

International experience but passion for the Mid Coast

Reda Haddadeh
Reda Haddadeh Senior Business Advisor

An international strategist with a big heart for community

Melissa Archer
Melissa Archer Business Advisor

A brilliant mentor on your business journey

Peter Hollingsworth
Peter Hollingsworth Business Advisor

Business trainer and coach extraordinaire

Jelinda Millgate
Jelinda Millgate Business Advisor

Driven to support regional businesses

Chantelle Robards
Chantelle Robards Expert in Residence

Energetic and passionate advocate in the disability sector.

Maria O'Brien
Maria O'Brien Business Advisor

A wealth of experience and passion for local businesses

Brooke Philips
Brooke Philips Chief Experience Officer

CXO, passionate people person and leader

Phil Usher
Phil Usher Business Advisor

Knowledgeable, no-nonsense and ready to help you

Case Study

Meet the people who have gone through this program and read their story understand their journey.

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