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Cyber Security Culture Program for Regional SMEs

Cyber Security Culture Program for Regional SMEs

Cyber Security Culture Program for Regional SMEs

Raising awareness on
all things Cyber for SME's

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Our Cyber Security Culture Program helps businesses who want to protect their customers and brand by strategising to strengthen their cyber resilience. Powered by The Business Centre Newcastle and Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

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Program value $500 - $1000. Program inclusions and subsidies apply

Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Mid Coast NSW

How It Works

Cyber Security for Small Businesses does not need to be a scary thing. The team at the Business Centre has put together a range of ways that your business can implement to protect your cyber security.

How It Works
Program Details

The Australian Government has provided The Business Centre with the opportunity to deliver a range of services to regional businesses throughout Mid Coast, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley and Mid Coast Regions. The goal is to raise awareness, build capacity and team culture in all things Cyber Security.

  • Cyber Security Business Advisory 

    Cyber security advisory service provides all existing and new SME clients with an opportunity to speak with an experienced business advisor to discuss their cyber security threats, risks, tools and the steps required to build a cyber-resilient business. If the client requires further advice beyond the skills and experience of the business advisor, clients will be referred to the cyber security expert-in-residence or an external cyber security provider.   

    Advisory sessions can be accessed in person or online cost is free and each business can access by calling the Business Centre and booking an appointment.  

  • Expert in Residence
    We have engaged outstanding cyber security providers and experts who echo our values as honest broker to assist SMEs through their journey or respond to issues that require expert cyber security knowledge. Western CACE and our industry partners will provide pro bono services to vulnerable SMEs hit by cyber incidences including ransomware, data breach and business email compromise.  But more than helping you with an incident, we would prefer that you not suffer a cyber-attack.  Free consultations are offering on learning more about security controls relevant to your enterprise, and how to implement these.  Security control implementation can be a daunting task, but Western CACE is here to support you with this and lift some of this burden. 
  • Case Studies

    These case studies will highlight real-life cyber security scenarios that small businesses within Australia have had to overcome and respond to. These stories will support you in knowing that you are not alone, and that cyber security does not need to be scary but more about supporting you in your small business and provided various means of opportunities and support that are around you.  In collaboration with various cyber security industry professionals, these stories bring to the surface how small businesses have been adversely affected and how they recovered from cyber attack. Visit the Case Study library and learn through the real experiences of other small business owners.

  • Cyber Security Breakfast Panel 

    A collaborative cyber panel event, designed to raise awareness of cyber security risks and build a positive cyber security culture within business. The breakfast panel will launch in the Hunter Valley with support from Hunter Business, Singleton Council, Maitland Council and DANTIA this will be hybrid event. 

    Join us for breakfast and hear from cyber security experts where you will gain real stories and engage in intimate conversations between the panelists and the audience, sparking varying viewpoints amongst key panelists. Followed by networking opportunity with special guests. 

  • Online self paced Cyber Security course for SMEs

    A collaboration between Cynch and Cyber Hive Technology to produce a series of short online cyber security for businesses to identify cyber security risks in your business; how to build a cyber security culture within your business and what to do if you are hacked or suffer an incident. Our custom made Cyber Security Culture online course will be available to SME's in early 2022. To register your interest and learn more, visit our Cyber Course page.

  • Cyber Podcasts

    Listen to the cyber security podcast series on the go, you will hear from knowledgeable cyber security experts from a range of areas including education, government and cyber industry leaders who will share vast experiences, knowledge, cyber security issues and trends and advice to ensure you can be equipped in safeguarding your business against unwanted intrusion.


Call on our team if you have questions, Sarah or Kristin are always happy to start your customer journey in the land of Cyber Security Culture for Small Businesses. PH: 02 4925 7700 or email


Cyber Team

The Cyber team is made up of Sarah our program manager, Kristin our events coordinator and a team of advisors and experts chosen to deliver services under this program powered by The Business Centre

Sarah Box
Sarah Box Cyber Security Project Facilitator

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