Lena Vestad Hansen

Lena Vestad Hansen

Business Advisor, Trainer & Mentor

Born and raised in Norway, Lena has lived in France, Spain, South Korea and she made Australia her home 13 years ago. She is now part of the Business Centre's international talent pool.

With 15 years spent in international marketing and business development, Lena's experience spans from multinational corporations to SMEs and her own consultancy business. 

Passionate about people and technology, she is always on the lookout for smarter more sustainable ways of doing things!  Having had a keen involvement in the startup community since arriving in Newcastle in 2017 Lena helps businesses grow by connecting them to their true value and their customers' needs.

Lena is an expert in commercialisation, sales and marketing strategy, startups, customer experience and customer engagement.  She has a high level of cross-cultural understanding and can speak 6 languages - English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, French and Spanish.


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