Alex Mangano - Chasing Lion Adventures

In 2018 Alex finished her Bachelor's in Communication and had a couple of jobs tutoring drama and a massive passion for creating theatre and music highlighting unspoken and somewhat invisible stories.

Having lived with various autoimmune diseases, including Coeliac Disease, Alex also wanted to lift awareness on how people living with chronic disease can still live amazing lives and contribute immensely to our community!

In 2019 she reached out to the Business Centre to complete our Entrepreneurship Pathway (then NEIS) to help launch her business Chasing Lion Adventures!

“I really wanted my creative career to be shaped by these stories and for me to have the chance to be flexible in my work.”


Now having written and published a children’s book about a little yak who has coeliac disease, Alex uses this book as merch for live children’s shows to engage the community in understanding the disease and enable and inspire kids with it.

Alex has also written and recorded three children’s songs to accompany the book and most recently was named one of  ABC Trailblazers in 2022. 

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