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Are you considering Importing or Exporting in your micro, small or medium business?  There are strict regulations on importing and exporting goods, so it is vitally important that you find out what applies to you. 



If you import goods into Australia, you will be affected by certain government regulations. Your goods must be cleared by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (Customs) and duty and taxes may be payable. You also need to be aware of import permits, quarantine permits and treatment that apply to imported goods.

Key areas of importing are listed below, click through for details:


The export of goods from Australia is controlled by laws and Government policies to prohibit the export of certain goods either absolutely or conditionally; and adequately record Australia's international trade.

Total prohibition applies to the export of protected wildlife, some heritage items, selected weapons and other dangerous goods. Goods which are conditionally prohibited from export may not be exported unless all necessary export permits are obtained from the relevant permit issuing agency.

Key areas of exporting are listed below, click through for details:

Where to next? 

Contact our Team to assist you with your questions on what business structures may best suit Importers and Exporters.  Solicitors and Accountants are experts in this area, if you are looking for local professionals, view our Business Directory.

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