Grow Your Business

Is it time to grow your micro, small or medium sized business? Growth happens differently in all businesses. Firstly you need solid foundations to support the new growth, then its time to analyse your business and discover new opportunities!


Grow Your Business

Many businesses find that they grow naturally, just by doing a good job with their current customers. Working hard to generate positive word of mouth, brand awareness and maintaining an excellent business reputation is essential in opening up opportunities for growth.

Other businesses find that they need to deliberately encourage growth through marketing, advertising and sales activities. Some businesses may find that they need to grow slowly because of resource constraints, including lack of finances or the right personnel to grow the business.

Growing a business can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. It can also be very challenging and have risks you are unfamiliar with. The people, skills, resources and systems that work perfectly well for a smaller business may not be as effective when the business grows. The leadership and management skills needed to run a business in its early stages can be different from those needed to grow a business.

Growth happens differently in every business and you should prepare well before entering into a significant growth phase by considering the impacts that growth can have. How and when you want to grow your business should form part of your overall business strategy.

Likely Impacts:

  • finances
  • location
  • staff
  • management time and resources
  • systems and processes
  • customer relationships.

This is such a large topic, we would suggest that you book in to see one of our Business Advisors, then consider a program to support you in the growth phase and review our workshops for ongoing learning.  

Our Team can assist you with:

  • Analysing your business
  • Improving internal processes
  • Understanding growth in the workplace
  • Discovering opportunities for business growth

 Grow your business from a solid foundation for the best chance of success. 

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”  Benjamin Franklin 

Where to next?

Contact us and book in to see one of our Business Advisors to review your business growth requirements.

Consider the Business Connect and mentoring opportunities for small business in a growth phase.

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