Mentoring exists to strengthen your own entrepreneurial skills.  Your mentor will be a source of support and guidance, will ask you the tough questions and challenge you to exceed your goals.  Are you ready to be Mentored?


Mentoring Program

If you would like ongoing assistance and guidance our Mentoring Program is available. Our program is designed specifically for Hunter based, micro, small and medium sized businesses, located from Lake Macquarie up to Forster, Newcastle to Scone, and everywhere in between.

It's time to achieve your business objectives and be held accountable to your own goals while receiving support, practical knowledge and inspiration. As a participant you are matched with an experienced business mentor who provides you with an opportunity to confidentially discuss any issues you're facing, float any new ideas and to receive honest and constructive feedback. 

When you are being mentored by the small business experts, you will also have access to benchmarking and market research tools...


Our online benchmarking system creates a detailed report so you can see how your business compares to market benchmarks, get an idea of how much your business could be worth, and compare year to year data.

So What Are The Benefits Of Mentoring?

Growth in confidence and self-esteem, improved knowledge and business skills, increased motivation and enthusiasm, understanding external business environments and overcoming isolation are just a few.

The Possibilities Are Endless

As a business owner you will have goals that you want to reach. Mentoring can assist you in reaching those goals. You can experience: Improved growth strategies, increased overall business, increased access to business networks, increased turnover, expansion of product or service lines, simplified business structures, improvements in cash flow, business knowledge - and more.

The Investment

Of course you have options...

  • If you are just after a one off session, one hour is available for $100.00
  • For the Start Ups, you can receive 3 hours mentoring for $220 or 5 hours of mentoring for $330.00. 
  • Once you are Established and seeing results, make the most of 5 hours mentoring for $440.00.
  • For the Established business owner committed to success, you can opt for 10 hours of mentoring at $660.00

Where to next?

Contact our Team and discuss how mentoring can take your business on a journey you will never forget - in a very good way.

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"I'm so very grateful for the Mentoring I received from Brooke through the NEIS program!" -- Roz Ewart
"I love working with Brooke, I always leave the mentoring appointments feeling energised and ready for business" -- Antonia Gore
"The NEIS program – training and mentoring – really helped me with by confidence in business" -- Mandy-Lee Cluff
"Mentoring through The Business Centre helped me set realistic targets and strategies to grow my business" -- Peter Brown
"Mikes mentoring has guided our business from imminent collapse to a position of renewed survival with stronger market share and increased profitability" -- Lesley Lalor
"The service was beyond expectations, professional and informative." -- Ray Bylart – Connect
"Without the continuous assistance I would never of been able to start and grow my business." -- Alida de Laubadere –
"Not only did I learn a great deal I also was very engaged and entertained by the Advisers professional and experienced style of training." -- Phil Byrnes - Exce
"I learned so much in the one on one Advisory sessions and this was backed up with the availability of workshops and networking opportunities." -- Block Sign – Fonehub